Cecili Reid

Senior Software Engineer

"I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious." -Albert Einstein

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Speaking Engagements

I discovered early on the best way for me to learn is by doing and teaching. Speaking at conferences and meetup is a way I do this. Checkout previous talks below.

Previous Conference Talks

DevNexus 2020 An intro to Machine Learning (in JS!)

HYPE Coding Camp Guest Speaker - DevOps & CI/CD
HYPE Coding Camp Guest Speaker - Summer 2019 DevOps & CI/CD
Dev/Color In Motion (DCIM) 2019 Mastering Machine Learning: Intro to Tensorflow
Atlanta Women Tech Maker (WTM) May 2019 Developers + GKE = Happy DevOps Teams
CodePrep Podcast May 2019
#sheLovesMatlab Video 2019
DevNexus 2019 TDD, BDD, and Java Oh My!

HackGT 2018 Session on NCR's Omnichannel APIs
Hack the North 2018 Getting Started with NCR's Omni-Channel Decision Support Platform API
Hack GSU 2018 Getting Started with NCR's Omni-Channel Decision Support Platform API
Georgia Tech First Generation College Student Interview 2018

Atlanta Ruby User Group 2017 Meetup Awesome Git Tricks

Atlanta Ruby User Group 2016 Ruby Careers Panel
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Company Comparisons

I am trying to decide between leaving my current company for another or between multiple offers, I find it super helpful to use an Excel sheet to help me decide. An example is below.


  1. Avoid emotions in the decision. Some times we get blinded by one aspect of a company or get really attached to our current company possibly leading to a bad decision.
  2. Focus on what aspects are most important to you and is the most beneficial for your career.
  3. Collect your thoughts on questions to ask later. If you figure out what is going to impact your decision, you can be sure to ask specific questions to adequately rank/score the company.

How to use this?

  1. Determine key aspects that you are looking for your career move. Make it your own!
  2. Order/Rank the aspects to determine the weight for each aspect. Compensation might weigh more than free snacks for instance.
  3. Rank each company based on the aspect from 1 to N for the number of companies comparing
  4. Find the score for each company by adding together the product of each company's rank and the aspect's weight.
  5. See which company scored the highest!
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